Ali Group is one of the principal global leaders in the hospitality and professional catering market. The Group was founded in 1963 in Italy, however many of its companies are more than a century old and are some of the most recognizable and appreciated brands on the market throughout the world.

Ali Group develops, produces and commercializes the widest range of equipment for foodservice. It operates in almost all market sectors: from cooking to meal distribution, from bread-making to pastry-making, from dishwashing to refrigeration, from gelaterias to ice production, and even coffee machines.

Thanks to the continuous investments in research and development, it offers innovative and robust products, which respect the environment and satisfy the needs of the principal chains of hotels and restaurants, as well as the requests of hospitals, schools, airports, company canteens and correctional institutions.

To strive for excellence is at the heart of the Ali philosophy, a principle that is the font of inspiration for the Group and its companies.  Each company is independent and operates in autonomously, strong in its specializations and knowledge of its market sector. Belonging to Ali Group means to be part of a stimulating context that favors collaboration and sharing of best practices to offer clients the best in every field.